Geo. Franks, Hatter

How do I know what size?

Measure your head around just above the ears and not too tight. Measure to the closest quarter inch.

What if I wear a wig?

Measure over your wig. If you do not have it and want to order we will add one inch to you head size without the wig. It is better to measure over the wig.

Wool hat or fur felt hat?

Wool felt was common for soldiers, sailors and working men and women. Fur felt was common for officers, gentlemen and ladies. Of course there were exceptions.

What kind of fur felt do you use?

Beaver fur is hard to find, regulated and quite expensive. We use rabbit fur (nutria).

Why hand sewn versus machine sewn?

Hand sewn is for discriminating reenactors and living historians. It is also preferred by historic sites and museums plus hat collectors. Machine sewn if often fine for color guards, musical organizations, fraternal groups, hereditary groups, as recognition and retirement gifts plus for those who do not require hand sewn levels of authenticity.

Why are hats round blocked?

Hats were blocked round until well into the 19th century. Of course, people had oval heads then as now. The hats take on the shape of the head with wear. Cocked hats gain the famous "banana droop" on the sides (gutters) when worn - as seen in paintings and drawings of the era. Our machine sewn hats are all oval (modern style) blocked.

What is I want a machine sewn hat with a period correct lining?

For a modest additional charge we can add a hand sewn, period-correct lining to any of our machine sewn hats (otherwise they only come with a "sweatband".

What if I want a hat that is not listed or pictured on the website?

Send us a message through the contact page. If it is wool felt or fur felt we can probably make it - or have it made. We do not make or sell kepis, forage caps, shakos or leather helmets.

What if I need a hat by a certain date?

Let us know when the hat is needed by. We will work with you. For an additional fee we can expedite a hat - but cannot work miracles. We work "first come, first served".

Where are your hats made?

USA. All hand sewn hats are made by Geo. Franks, Hatter himself. All our machine sewn hats are made by one of the oldest hatmakers in the USA in the USA. 

What about specialized trim or buttons?

Feel free to provide specialized trim or buttons. The COST will be deducted (or credited) from the price of your hat.

What about fur trim?

Due to state by state laws and regulations we do not deal with any fur. If you have it we can tell you how to add or otherwise install it.

What about feathers?

We can add basic feathers at additional cost. Inquire.

What if I want to change an order?

Contact us immediately.

What if I move?

Contact us immediately.

What my hat arrives damaged?

Contact us immediately?

What if I have other questions?

Contact us.

Use the CONTACT form on this website or email to: